October 24, 2021 | banking

The CBI's Governor Discusses With The Management Of The Central Bank Of Saudi Arabia Cooperation In External Banking Sector

Baghdad / NINA / - The Governor of the Central Bank, Mustafa Ghaleb, discussed with the administration of the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia cooperation in the external banking sector.

The media office of the Central Bank of Iraq said in a statement that 'the Governor of the Central Bank, Mustafa Ghaleb, visited today the Saudi capital, Riyadh, accompanied by a delegation from the Iraqi banking sector, to enhance bilateral relations and prospects for cooperation in the banking sector and to exchange experiences with the Saudi side.'

He added, 'The governor met with the Saudi Central Bank administration on the sidelines of this visit, where the Saudi side welcomed the governor and his accompanying delegation, considering this visit a gateway to deepening relations between the two brotherly countries and the two monetary institutions, and a step that will reflect positively on both sides.'

He added, 'The willingness to open the field for exchanging experiences and cooperation in the foreign banking sector was discussed, in a way that would establish a positive stage in the economic relations between the two sides.'


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