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February 21, 2019

SULAIMANI – The Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) health minister Rekawt Hama Rashid announced on Wednesday (February 20) the release of a smartphone app that can help connect patients with health centers.

Hama Rashid told a news conference Wednesday (February 20) that the app allows people to locate the nearest health center or hospital when they need care.


Volkswagen Protects Virtual Key Sharing App with Trustonic...
February 22, 2019

(AETOS Wire)-- Volkswagen is working with mobile cyber security leader Trustonic to enable customers to use smartphones to access their vehicles, and to securely share their digital car keys to grant access to others via a smartphone app. Volkswagen is using the ...


February 22, 2019
  • Biliary tract cancer or cholangiocarcinoma is rare, when patients fail first-line chemotherapy there are limited treatment options and in most cases the standard of care is palliative1,2
  • Etoposide toniribate is to be accelerated through a Phase III trial, with the aim of providing a potential additional treatment option in this area of unmet patient need
  • The decision by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to grant Orphan Drug Status follows the precedent set by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in 2014


February 22, 2019
  • Highest quarterly revenue for four years (since Q3 FY14/15) – US$14 billion, up 8.5% year-on-year (YOY) and 6th consecutive quarter of YOY revenue growth
  • All-time record high PTI of US$350 million - jumped 133% YOY
  • Recorded net income of US$233 million for the fiscal quarter, significantly improved from the net loss of US$289 million in the same quarter of last year
  • Major milestones hit across all businesses:
    • PC and Smart Devices business revenue record high at US$10.7 billion, up 11.6% YOY; continues as undisputed, global #1 in PCs with...

February 22, 2019
Fluor Corporation (NYSE: FLR) announced today that it was awarded the engineering, procurement and construction of the Halliburton Specialty Chemicals Manufacturing Reaction Plant located in the PlasChem Park, Jubail, Saudi Arabia. Fluor booked the undisclosed contract value in the fourth quarter of 2018. “Having completed the front-end engineering design, we are pleased to undertake the design and construction of this major investment that accelerates Halliburton’s strategic expansion of its fast-growing specialty chemicals business,” said Simon Nottingham, president of Fluor’s Energy & Chemicals business in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. “Fluor will use its full integrated solutions portfolio and its local execution capabilities to optimize the design and deliver a capital-efficient project with schedule certainty.” The new chemicals facility......

February 22, 2019

Halliburton Company (NYSE: HAL) is pleased to announce it will build the first oilfield chemical manufacturing reaction plant in Saudi Arabia. The Company held a ground-breaking ceremony on Monday, Feb. 18, at the plant’s PlasChem Park location in Jubail. Upon the plant’s completion in 2020, Halliburton will begin local manufacturing of specialty chemicals to help customers achieve production and reliability goals in applications from the reservoir to the refinery.


February 22, 2019
Toshiba Memory Corporation, the world leader in memory solutions, today announced the development of a bridge chip that realizes high-speed and large-capacity SSDs. Using developed bridge chips with a small occupied area and low-power consumption, the company has succeeded in connecting more flash memory chips with fewer high-speed signal lines than with the conventional method of no bridge chips. This result was announced in San Francisco on February 20, at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference 2019 (ISSCC 2019). In SSDs, multiple flash memory chips are connected to a controller that manages their operation. As more flash memory chips are connected to a controller interface, operating speed degrades, so there are limits to the number of chips that can be connected. In order to increase capacity, it is necessary to increase the number of interfaces, but that results in an enormous......